About Zawadi

Zawadi owes its existence to the unbundling of Jabba Mobile Direct. For most of its nine years distributing sim card starter packs in the informal sector, Jabba was a leader in their industry, receiving regular recognition as the best dealer in the industry. Jabba Mobile Direct positioned itself as a leader in direct sales to the informal market.

After the unbundling of the company assets in 2021, Chris van der Walt (one of the founders and shareholders of Jabba Mobile Direct) started Zawadi Distributors. With his industry experience and knowledge, he has positioned Zawadi to be more than just a sim card distributor. Zawadi is able to distribute any digital product or service directly to the consumer in the informal market space.

The name Zawadi is an African word, meaning “gift”. Our mission is to make your quality product or service accessible to those who need it. We strive to touch our world with an aim to improve the lives of our customers. So if you have a product or service that could add value to the lives of others, we will be glad to provide the masses access to this “gift”.

Our footprint

We operate in all nine provinces of South Africa. We have well-established sales agent networks in South Africa’s major metropolitan areas and most larger towns. We also have agents in Zimbabwe, Malawi, DRC, Nigeria, Botswana, and Mozambique. We’re actively seeking opportunities to extend our reach further into Africa.

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